Outdoor Fireplace / Fire Pits

Outdoor Fireplace / Fire PitsToday, outdoor living has become very popular among homeowners across Tacoma, Federal Way, Seattle, Lakewood and Kent. It’s common to see yards with decks and patios and gardens with pergolas, gazebos and other similar outdoor features. People are also installing elaborate outdoor kitchens on their property and turning these areas into entertainment and relaxation zones where they can spend leisurely moments with their family and friends.

Town and Country Pavingstone have the expertise to create stunning outdoors spaces and we have handled a large number of outdoor patio fireplace projects for customers in and around Auburn, Renton, Bellevue, Olympia and Lacey. We have found that homeowners are now focusing on creating comfortable spaces that will be an extension of the indoor areas of their home.

Outdoor Fireplaces - For Added Functionality

Outdoor Fireplace / Fire PitsWhen you install fire pits on your property, it adds to the functionality of the outdoor areas and you are able to use them in a more functional manner, even if there is a nip in the air. We are the experts who have designed exquisite outdoor fireplace installations in a range of materials such as concrete, brick and natural stone. In some instances we also use veneer cladding or stucco for the final finish.

When you come to us with your requirement, we first make note of your specific requirements. The other aspects we take into account are the materials and styling of your house structure and the landscaping. Keeping all these aspects in view, we design these installations in a very creative and innovative manner. Since we custom design these features, we can also add an outdoor fireplace grill to the installation if you like. You can use this grill for your outdoor cooking needs, which adds to the functionality of the fireplace.

Why Opt For a Fireplace?

Since we also design and install patios, some of our customers request for outdoor patio fireplace installations as part of one project and we do that too. We can design elaborate or minimalistic styled features to create the exact look you want. There are a number of benefits to getting a fire pit or fire place for your backyard, such as:

Outdoor Fireplace / Fire Pits
  • A fireplace creates a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere
  • The setting adds to the aesthetics of the landscaping
  • It’s a great option for anyone who entertains very often
  • Adds value to your property

The Benefits of Having a Fire Pit

  • Like a fireplace, this feature is a great addition to the backyard and it creates the perfect space to socialize
  • You can use it as a cooking source once you place a grill over it
  • Since it can be built in the middle of the yard, it allows for more seating space, all around it

Whether you opt for an outdoor patio fireplace or a fire pit installation in the middle of the garden or yard will depend on your personal preference, the available space and your budget. For more information, call Town and Country Pavingstone at 253-405-5456. Alternatively contact us via the online form on our website.