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Town & Country Paving StoneTown & Country Paving StoneTown & Country Paving StoneTown & Country Paving Stone

Paving Contractor Services in Tacoma, WA and Surrounding Regions

Paving Stone Advantages: Despite its elegant and sophisticated look, paving stones far surpass the durability and reparability of concrete or asphalt. Invest with comfort knowing that the pavement for your walkway, driveway, patio or pool deck will look beautiful for a lifetime, require little maintenance, stand up to the weather, and return it's cost to you.

With recent price drops combined with the evident advantages, the popularity of paving stones is soaring as a remarkable alternative to concrete. Not only does it exceed the beauty of other options, its high quality proves to be cost efficient.

We also provide other services including design consultations, restoration and waterproofing and retaining wall installations.

About Us
Founded on a bedrock of experience, and passion for creating magical outdoor living spaces, Town & Country Pavingstone transforms the ordinary into the exquisite. We work with our clients from concept to completion, taking care every step of the way to provide long lasting beauty and charm.

We install a wide variety of paver products and offer many types of installations to meet your particular requirements.
We can also discuss all of the various options appropriate to your project, from terrain, soil type, drainage issues, and retaining wall needs.
Get the comfort and peace of mind that only comes from using a licensed professional. Call us and we'll give you our best!